• Provide guidance and control for the project’s activities;
• Monitor the project progress and the use of resources;
• Manage the project related risks;
• Ensure the quality of the project related work.
• Create a website for the project;
• Publication of scientific papers;
• Participate in fairs and exhibitions;
• Host a workshop;
• Perform a student body presentation.


T1.0 Progress Reporting & Reviews
T1.1 Project Launch
T1.2 Communication and dissemination

Deliverables and Milestones:

D1.1 Report on the signature of Consortium and Implementation Agreement
D1.2 Plan for the Communication and Dissemination of results
D1.3 Plan for the Exploitation of results
D1.4 Data Management Plan
MS1 Project Launched
MS2 First periodic report passed
MS3 Project finalized
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